Spring Work Day

Many saints showed up on May 15 to take part in projects around the grounds and get Greenwood ready for another summer – we’re very thankful for all the willing servants who joined the work! Enjoy seeing photos of some of the projects!

GWH Board Update (April 2021)

We are thankful that, with the Lord’s help, we had our first on-site event of the year (twenty-two couples at the Couples Retreat plus about thirty on-line). Encouraged from the Couples Retreat, we are looking forward to Jubilee 2.0 this weekend.

GWH Board Update (March 2021)

We are thankful for good progress in many ways, including ongoing projects, on-site events, and upcoming prayer events.

GWH Board Update (February 2021)

Can you help with some HANDS-ON serving this spring?

We need your help! Opportunities to serve on the ground are many. You can take on small or big projects. Maybe you could round up a crew from your assembly? Contact Creston Tate to work out the details.

GWH Board Update (January 2021)

We’re thankful for blessed January events, and looking forward to a full spring calendar! Check out a presentation outlining the new service vision at GWH, and find out how you can serve! Don’t forget to check out our YouTube page, and join our monthly virtual prayer call.