October 2022 Board Update

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus!

We wanted to send an update on behalf of the GWH Board, specifically around three areas: 1) finances, 2) operations and 3) most important – the Spiritual work at GWH.

1 – Financial Update

Praise the Lord, He has worked miraculously over the last 5 years. The Board prayed about eliminating all of Greenwood’s legacy debt from the Dining Hall project, a line of credit, and other financial responsibilities, and please rejoice with us…we are 100% debt free! We thank the Lord for the many saints who were moved to help in this matter, which frees us up to move forward in many ways.

2 – Operational Update

We have a lot of great news to report. A number of capital improvements have been made over the last few years, all part of a strategy to continuously improve multiple areas across the grounds. To list a few: renovated Inn lobby, renovated Koinonia House (near the ballfield), new sand volleyball court, refreshed tennis/pickleball and basketball courts, a renovated Pavilion Cottage, newly paved roads, and industrial washer/dryer project nearing completion. We are very thankful for the many saints who have volunteered their time and resources on many projects around the grounds. Further, a neighborhood association was established a couple years ago and is now thriving. We are thankful for those who live on the grounds around GWH. We are in our third year of GWH completely run now in a volunteer model. Although we are learning a lot during this transition, we are very thankful that He continues to stir up many volunteers to join in His work. It is a privilege to serve the Lord Jesus together!

3 – Spiritual Work Update

Although we are thankful for the facilities and grounds, we are thankful we can be a part of God’s work and there is a spiritual work that our facilities help us accomplish. Looking back, we thank the Lord that through prayer and flexibility we were able to stay open over the last three years. The Lord allowed for increased attendance over the last two years, and gave boldness to many serving at GWH, to serve and proclaim the Word of God. Attendance for camps, retreats, and conferences has been wonderful. We praise the Lord that many have been under His Word, saints have been encouraged, the gospel has gone out, and souls have been impacted for eternity. We are thankful for God’s work here at GWH that has eternal value!

What can you do?

Please pray – for wisdom for Board members, virtual activities later this year. planning for next year, and if the Lord desires, for new ministries to be added to the calendar in 2023. You can "Friend" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Instagram. This will allow you to keep up with updates and events. We hope to see you virtually and in person soon! And please consider volunteering to serve during 2023.

We have much to be thankful for, and as the sign in the Tabernacle continues to proclaim, may Greenwood Hills continue to be a place where Christ is Preeminent!

The Greenwood Hills Bible Conference board: Dan Weaver, Mike Stoudt, Craig Shakarji, Jake Santos, Tom Irwin, Bruce Hulshizer, Eric Cantwell, Tim B, Richie Benitez, and Dave Anderson.