Plan your year at Greenwood Hills!

As spring arrives, we’re looking forward to many wonderful events at Greenwood Hills, each one an opportunity to spend restful time with other believers and worship and serve the Lord together. We hope that you’re planning to join us – there are camps and conferences planned for all ages!

NEW: July Bible Weekend with Alive Teen Program

This year, we’re excited to introduce a new weekend retreat with unique programs designed for adults, teens, and younger children. The adults will hear from Richie Benitez and the young children will meet with Tim McNeal, while the teenagers (ages 12-16) will participate in an activity schedule designed specifically for them by Dan Weaver.

So set aside the weekend from June 30 to July 3, and plan to enjoy this exciting getaway at Greenwood Hills! For more information, or to register, visit the main event page here:

Other Family Conferences

2023 Family Conferences

Aside from this new family weekend retreat, make sure to make space on your calendar for all the classic family conferences, from Memorial Day through Labor Day:

Memorial Day Conference

May 26-29

August Conference

August 5-12

Labor Day Conference

September 1-4

These family conferences often fill up quickly, so make sure to register early!

Specialty Retreats

From the Couples Retreat in April to Summit Week in June (designed for teens and young adults), to the men’s and ladies’ retreats in the fall, there’s something for everyone!

Boys and Girls Camps

2023 Camps

Finally, don’t forget about camps for young people from ages 8 to 16 – these will be held in July and early August, and offer an action-packed week of Bible teaching, swimming, playing games, and enjoying all that Greenwood Hills has to offer!

For more information on any of these camps or conferences, or to register, visit the Calendar page.